Wednesday, April 1

5:30 PM  Holy Communion
6:00 PM Galations - Part 2
7:00 PM Dinner

Maundy Thursday, April 2

5:30 PM—The Commemoration of the Institution of the Lord’s Supper,
Holy Communion, the Stripping of the Altar, and the Reading of the Passion

Good Friday, April 3

12:00 Noon—1:00 PM Ante-Communion, the Reading of the Passion,
and the Reproaches

Easter Eve, April 4

8:00 PM The Easter Vigil, Holy Baptism,
and The Holy Eucharist ( the First Service of Easter)

Easter Sunday, April 5

9:00 AM Easter Egg Hunt/Brunch
10:30 AM The Holy Eucharist
NO 8:00 AM Service